CDFI - Together Towards Tomorrow

Sep 28, 2016

Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion (CDFI), an organisation working towards expanding access to digital financial products and services, recently celebrated its two years of existence. The Centre brought together its various institutional, implementation and funding partners in an event titled “Together Towards Tomorrow”.

The event focused on Innovation & Implementation of ideas. CDFI, housed at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, in its two-year journey has not only undertaken various research studies and piloted innovative solutions but has also successfully contributed to policy interventions such as designing of Electronic Payments and Receipts Framework in government departments, conceptualising a national level Social Security Platform based on Unified Household Database and so on. The Centre has also set up a Digital Innovation Lab in collaboration with IIM Bangalore to promote development and scaling of new digital payment use cases and work with commercial providers to test and scale these innovations.

An exhibition showcased CDFI’s key projects across sectors such as education, healthcare, governance and financial inclusion and literacy at the event. Mr. Daniel Radcliffe, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was the guest of honour at the event.