• Research Study to Identify Mechanisms to Simplify Aadhaar Update Process
  • Aadhar Dir

CDFI along with Digital Identity Research Initiative at Indian School of Business and Omidyar Network is conducting a study to identify mechanisms resulting in simplification of Aadhaar update process for people belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds.

Objectives of the study are-

(1) Identify innovative mechanisms to address the pain points in Aadhaar updation
(2) High level technical, financial and operational feasibility of each recommendation
(3) High level plan of action to implement top ideas.

Approach towards the study

Approach towards the study

Discovery Stage

  • To identify users and other stakeholders
  • To understand the current process of Aadhaar updation

Definition stage

  • Data analysis to understand the pain points associated with Aadhaar updation

Development stage

  • Ideating possible solutions
  • Evaluating solutions on desirability, viability and feasibility
Key areas pain points identified
  • Accessing-the-centreSeeking information
  • Accessing-the-centreAccessing the centre
  • Application submissionApplication submission
  • Crowd management in CentreCrowd management in Centre
  • Application trackingApplication tracking
  • Aadhaar PrintingAadhaar Printing
Citizen survey is underway to validate findings