Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution (BETS)

Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution

The Government of India has been implementing a number of subsidy and social welfare programmes/schemes in agriculture, health, food and other sectors. Despite massive funds flowing into social programmes, there has been a huge mismatch between outcomes achieved and funds spent. A primary reason behind this is the inefficient delivery and tracking systems adopted by the Government departments leading to leakages. It is this problem that CDFI’s Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution (BETS) aims to solve by delivering and tracking benefits using a smartphone.

BETS is a web and mobile based solution that facilitates in-cash and in-kind benefit delivery to the last mile. The solution can be used to -

  • Digitize beneficiary data at source
  • Provide a unique framework to address core issues in benefit delivery such as authentication and process monitoring in a transparent manner.
  • Transfer funds directly in beneficiary’s account or in case of in-kind benefits, validate that benefit has been delivered and transfer funds directly in service provider’s bank account
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Facilitate reconciliation between the sponsor and service providers

The solution has been successfully piloted in – 1.Tracking nutrition delivery: It has been tested in tracking delivery of nutrition to women and children at six anganwadis in tribal villages in Palghar, Maharashtra covering 264 beneficiaries. During the course of this pilot, 30,000 meals were served and tracked. 2.Providing incentives to TB patients for adhering to TB care course : It has been tested in Mumbai where 80 TB patients were given cash incentives for completing their course.

Tracking Nutrition delivery in Anganwadis in Telangana

BETS is now being used by Telangana Government to track nutrition delivery to children and women at Anganwadis in Mahabubnagar district. Currently the solution has been rolled out across 44 Anganwadis. Nutrition delivery to 1655 beneficiaries (684 women and 971 children) is getting tracked on daily basis. Anganwadi workers are using BETS to enrol beneficiaries, mark their attendance and track nutrition delivery. CDFI is currently working with District Collector Mahabubnagar to scale the solution across all 1,883 Anganwadis in the district.

Cash incentives to TB patients for completing TB course

BETS has been integrated with an existing web-based solution for monitoring TB patients to ensure processing of payments in the form of reimbursements and incentives to TB patients and agencies (chemists, labs, doctors, compounders and patients). BETS tracks the patient’s adherence to the course and on achievement of certain milestones, cash is transferred to their respective bank accounts. So far, using BETS, more than ?21 million have been transferred into the bank accounts of 177,757 beneficiaries (163,102 TB patients and 14,655 agencies) for adhering to the treatment cycle.


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