BETS (Healthcare)

BETS (Healthcare)

India accounts for almost 25% of all tuberculosis (TB) cases in the world, with approximately 12 lakh Indians being notified as newly diagnosed patients every year. Tuberculosis is a notifiable disease in India since 2012. This means that all confirmed cases in both the private and public sectors have to be reported to the government.

Despite the high incidence of TB cases, the case notification estimates are only around 58%. To reduce the burden of TB in the country, coordinated planning and action is required at various levels for improving patient awareness, easing access to TB care, providing time-bound and effective diagnosis and treatment by service providers and ensuring adherence to the treatment cycle by the patient.

One of the key success factors of TB eradication is improving compliance to treatment process and persistency. And this is where Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution (BETS), a platform developed by CDFI comes in. It facilitates validation of each event in TB treatment lifecycle against the rules defined by the program sponsor and enables incentives being paid to the intended beneficiaries (patients and service providers like pathological labs, doctors & clinic staff) electronically.

Program sponsors can onboard beneficiaries (TB patients) and using BETS, fund provider can assign funds (benefits) at the individual beneficiary level in the form of pockets.

It has been observed that incentives designed to induce favourable behaviour towards compliance and persistency can improve the outcomes under various TB intervention programs and also expedite a decisive change in the war against TB in India.

The platform supports:

  • Monitoring a patient’s TB treatment life cycle;
  • Setting up rules for validating the TB treatment events;
  • Deciding incentives to be paid out to various beneficiaries; and
  • Facilitating integration with Banks and triggering payment of incentives to the intended beneficiaries electronically.


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