• Tracking the Spread of COVID – 19 using Technology

With the current outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), there is an urgent need for tracing and tracking the movements of citizens, who may either be unknowingly affected by or are asymptomatic carriers of the disease. If not traced, contained and treated in time, COVID-19 can prove to be fatal in nature.

CDFI is assisting Meghalaya government and Alappuzha district in Kerala in curbing the spread of Covid -19 through digital mechanism.

The COVID Tracking System involves
Features of our solution:

A) Home Visit / Contact Centre Application

a. Registration at Check Points, during Home Visits: Register people during home visits or at check points

b. Tracking symptoms, collecting samples & registering contacts: Allows health workers to find registered individuals and capture their symptoms, contacts & quarantine status daily. Moreover, sample Collection status can be updated and tracked by health workers using GPS.

B) IVR calls to get daily updates: People identified by the administration receive an automated IVR call every day (for the mandatory 14-day period of self-isolation) to self-report their health status.

C) Live dashboards: The individual’s responses are recorded and mapped on our big data analytics platform - SANKALP to create dashboards for tracking symptoms, infection clusters, citizens in isolation, etc.

D) HMS (Hospital Management System): This system can manage the hospitalization process of an individual at any Corona Care Centre through digital registration, capture of medical history, symptoms etc. The system can make beds allocations based on risk status, recommend other hospitals if beds aren’t available and even reserve beds for patients. The system can monitor tests administered, test results, medications, inventory, etc and reduce the workload on medical staff.

Sample images from the Home Visit / Contact Centre Application


  • Over 13,000 citizens being monitored

Alappuzha district in Kerala

  • 1200+ citizens being monitored

People under home quarantine

Daily recording of symptoms through IVR, mobile app