Electronic Payments
and Receipts (EPR)

Electronic Payments and Receipts (EPR)

The Government of India is working towards increasing the adoption of electronic modes of payments for various types of services. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is spearheading the initiative of supporting various Central and State government departments/ministries to migrate all cash/paper based payments and receipts transactions to "electronic payment modes" across departments.

CDFI has been supporting MeitY in developing an ecosystem for enabling electronic payments and receipts.:

  • Development of EPR Framework: After a detailed analysis of various types of payments and receipt systems across Government Departments, CDFI drafted guidelines for expediting the electronic payment systems. The EPR framework, along with detailed guidelines, was accepted and approved by Secretary, MeitY and was officially published in November 2016. This framework has been notified and shared with targeted Government Departments in the States and heads of public sector enterprises.
  • Assessment of adoption of electronic systems by the States: CDFI also has assisted MeitY in assessing the maturity of each State with respect to electronic systems for enabling transactions smoothly.
  • Proof of concept (PoC) study to assess e-Payment readiness: CDFI carried out a PoC study to assess e-payment readiness in MeitY and a few other Central Government Departments and State Treasuries.
  • Development of PayOnline: CDFI is supporting MeitY in the conceptualization and design of PayOnline, a receipts portal for Central PSUs and States.
  • EPR Portal: This portal will have provision for the Government Departments to update their services, level of IT readiness (for each service) and extent of adoption of electronic payments modes (for each of the service).
  • EPR Awareness Workshops: In collaboration with CDFI, National e-Governance Division (NeGD), MeitY has conducted a thematic workshop series on ‘Electronic Payments and Receipts in Government’ since December 2016.


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