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Kanchi is a web & mobile based platform used to manage agri-business operations of farmer collectives such as selling inputs to farmers, leasing farm equipment, produce aggregation and selling it in wholesale or retail. It also captures financial transactions of FPOs and farmers generating a financial profile of farmers.

Kanchi Modul

Web and Mobile based modules of KANCHI

The modular platform ‘KANCHI’ consists of 5 modules which are Farmer Data Repository, Mobile app for FPO run shops, Produce Aggregation, Farmer Investor Services and KANCHIKart (Marketplace solution for FPOs and farmers)

Benefits of Farmer Data Repository-

  • Web and Mobile based data
    capture in Offline mode also
  • QR code scanning to
    capture data without typing
  • Store documents of
    FPO registration digitally
  • Facility for capturing
    location of farmers

Benefits of Input Centre module for FPO run shops

  • Reduction in operational
    cost of FPO run shops
  • Maintain
    transaction history
  • Input centre can double up as
    kirana store supporting cashless
    payments and generate additional income
  • Input centre can act as
    BC to provide farmers with
    cash out options

Benefits of Produce Aggregation module

  • Web & mobile based data
    capture in offline mode also
  • Barcode based scanning of produce
    to track it from suppliers to buyers
  • Allows produce to be scheduled for pick-up,
    capture quality, capture demanded price
  • Web module with purchase order, batch
    creation and stock movement reports

Benefits of Farmers Investor Services

  • Aids in fulfilling compliance
    requirement of FPO
  • Generate reports and document
    for FPO registration
  • Capture and maintain
    all shares at one place
  • Aids in recording and
    addressing member farmer grievances

Benefits of Marketplace solution for FPOs ‘KANCHIKart’-

E-commerce solution for FPOs

Farmers can directly sell their produce or processed goods to the consumer

A few snapshots of each module

Mobile based Farmer Data Repository

ICD Mobile app for FPO run shops

Produce Aggregation