• Redesigning NRLM’S Data Systems and Architecture

Under a BMGF funded project, CDFI is redesigning NRLM’s data systems and architecture and piloting digital ways to collect and show data on SHG’s transactions & NRLM’s support activities.

Expected Impact

More than 60 lakhs SHGs covering over 6.66 crores SHG members

Problem Statement:

  • Manual ways of data collection
  • Delay in data capture and data processing
  • Heavy dependence and no incentive for data entry operators
  • Inaccurate picture on fund movement from NRLM to SHG members


Design and develop NRLM’s data architecture and systems to enable:

NRLM’s high level core architecture designed keeping below mentioned principles incorporating

  • SHG member at core of design
  • Minimal data entry
  • API based data collection and data disbursement
  • Federated data capture at lowest leve

CDFI is working closely with NRLM team along with inputs from technical, financial, & livelihood experts & various teams from BMGF

CDFI team on the field