• Making petition management system efficient through technology
  • Fast Track

CMO’s office of Government of Meghalaya had an aim towards creating a more efficient petition addressing system. The authority’s idea was to streamline the workflow involving collections of petitions from citizens, assigning it to the concerned department official and resolving the issue.

Fast-Track is a mobile based petition workflow management system developed by CDFI to manage the workflows associated with petitions starting from creation of petitions, assigning it to the concerned department/ personal and finally getting the petition resolved.

How the system works
Citizen Citizen-
Citizen approaches officer with a petition
Official Official-
Official receiving the petition keys in the following details into Fast-Track App
  • Selects petition category
  • Takes picture of the petition document
  • Adds his notes
  • Adds his comments as a voice message
Concerned Concerned Dept.

The concerned officer who has to resolve the issue

  • Receives a notification about the petition on his mobile app with notes, images and voice message
  • The officer can then take action to resolve the matter
  • The officer can then mark the petition as closed with his comments
Official Official-

Official who originally posted the petition

  • Can track the status of the petition at any point of time
  • Will bet notified once the petition is resolved
Features of our solution
  • Create categories Fast-Track can differentiate between
    various petitions, categorize them accordingly
    and be given to the official of resolving
    issues from that specific category.

  • Flexible and rich in content capabilities Officials can easily add textual
    notes, attach images and documents
    and voice messages. Fast-Track has
    the ability to convert voice to text for easy
    and efficient data entry (English only).

  • Mobile application Officials have the provision of a
    mobile app in order to post the petitions given
    by the citizens and review them as well.

  • Traceability The officials through this app can track
    the status of all petitions.

  • Reporting It provides extensive reporting capabilities
    as well regarding the number of petitions,
    category wise resolved, pending petitions etc.

Benefit for the stakeholders

  • An app platform makes it more accessible and convenient for officials to address and resolve the petition posted.
  • Traceability with the help of an app makes the petition resolving system more efficient.
  • Authorities would get notifications on mobile phones about the status of the petition, making tracking easier.
Interface of Fast-Track Mobile App
  • Dashboard
  • Petition/Issue Listing
  • Assigning petition/issue to 1 or more people
  • Providing more details about the petition
  • Interactive Text, Audio, Image, Video capabilities