A Tool for intuitive and interactive communication which can be leveraged for continuous literacy programmes


Financial development has been widely acknowledged as an important parameter for economic growth. This belief has led to a significant amount of research on the determinants and constraints that lead up to a financially inclusive society and the role technology can play in the same.

In several developing countries, major steps are being taken towards financial inclusion of the disadvantaged and low-income segments of society by enabling delivery of financial services at affordable costs. More than half of the world’s population does not have access to proper financial services such as formal credit, insurance or a savings account.

However, along with access to institutional finance, it is equally important to empower them to make right choices while selecting financial products based on their needs and being aware of the risks associated with the products. This ability to make the right choice can only be improved through financial literacy.

Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion’s SAMWAD is a platform for intuitive and interactive communication, which can be leveraged for continuous literacy programmes.

SAMWAD is an award-winning digital learning platform, which aims at improving financial literacy using even basic mobile phones. It has an adaptive and an interactive conversation style. High degree of personalization makes the platform unique in itself. SAMWAD can engage with the users over multiple channels - mobile apps, SMS and IVR.

The platform can engage users continuously by way of interactions, stories, images, videos, discussions and polls in a language chosen by the user. SAMWAD also allows customization of multi-lingual content based on the context.

The platform can be used as an effective tool to educate the unbanked, the under-banked individuals and to increase awareness and familiarity with various financial products and services.


  • Reach

    Samwad has almost universal reach as it leverages the ubiquitous mobile as the channel.

  • Context

    Samwad can be used to set both macro (e.g. financial literacy) and micro level (e.g. educating rural women on financial planning) context. Specific content for each context can be created and delivered using Samwad.

  • Personalize

    Samwad can be personalized at an individual or at the group level.

  • Interactive

    Samwad is also a self-learning tool which keeps improving as the interaction grows.

  • Continuous engagement

    On daily basis: anytime, anywhere access is possible, since Samwad uses the mobile channel.

  • Multilingual

    The content can be delivered in multiple Indian languages.

  • Measure

    Through Samwad it is possible to define the outcome of an engagement and measure them.

The usage and engagement of a user on any topic can be tracked, monitored and measured. Samwad tracks:

  • Number of downloads of the application
  • Feature wise user activity (e.g. number of users using tools such as financial planner and hundi banking or undergoing a course)
  • Engagement level of a user by topic
  • User performance in literacy programmes delivered

Samwad is a generic platform and can be used to disseminate information and increase familiarity on any sector – finance, health, education, agriculture, government programmes etc.


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