A Tool for intuitive and interactive communication which can be leveraged for continuous literacy programmes


Leveraging the presence of more than 1 billion phone users in India, CDFI has supported a digital learning and outreach platform Samwad. It is an interactive, adaptive and multilingual mobile based platform to engage and interact over mobile app, SMS and IVR. Samwad has been developed for delivering financial literacy campaigns as nearly 76% of adult population in India do not understand even the basic financial concepts. Samwad can also be used for effective outreach, awareness and assessments as it directly engages with individual mobile phone subscriber.

As part of government’s drive towards promotion of digital payments, MeitY sought the support of Samwad for promotion of digital payments to interact with citizens through SMS, mobile app and out-bound dialer, namely ‘DigiVAARTA’. The program is expected to reach out to 60 million citizens and engage atleast 7 million of them by July 2018. CDFI has developed the content for the promotion using Samwad and has got the required approval from TRAI for rolling out the DigiVAARTA campaign. CDFI worked with NIC to enable a toll free number 14444 for sending and receiving messages. DigiVAARTA content has been developed in 2 (two) languages.

The DigiVAARTA platform has been installed inside National Informatics Centre (NIC) and integrated with NIC SMS gateway to enable SMS interactions with citizens using a special toll free number assigned by DoT for DigiVAARTA.

The DigiVAARTA mobile app has also been developed and the campaign was launched by Union Minister for Electronics & Information Technology, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on 28th September, 2018.

Over 19 million SMS messages exchanged with beneficiaries through Samwad on topics such as BHIM, UPI etc

Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has come out with a NCMC model to enable seamless travel by different metros and other transport systems across the country besides retail shopping and purchases NPCI (National payment Corporation of India) is working with MoUD for implementation of NCMC CDFI to develop content for promoting NCMC through Samwad.


  • Reach

    Samwad has almost universal reach as it leverages the ubiquitous mobile as the channel.

  • Context

    Samwad can be used to set both macro (e.g. financial literacy) and micro level (e.g. educating rural women on financial planning) context. Specific content for each context can be created and delivered using Samwad.

  • Personalize

    Samwad can be personalized at an individual or at the group level.

  • Interactive

    Samwad is also a self-learning tool which keeps improving as the interaction grows.

  • Continuous engagement

    On daily basis: anytime, anywhere access is possible, since Samwad uses the mobile channel.

  • Multilingual

    The content can be delivered in multiple Indian languages.

  • Measure

    Through Samwad it is possible to define the outcome of an engagement and measure them.

The usage and engagement of a user on any topic can be tracked, monitored and measured. Samwad tracks:

  • Number of downloads of the application
  • Feature wise user activity (e.g. number of users using tools such as financial planner and hundi banking or undergoing a course)
  • Engagement level of a user by topic
  • User performance in literacy programmes delivered

Samwad is a generic platform and can be used to disseminate information and increase familiarity on any sector – finance, health, education, agriculture, government programmes etc.


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