Financial Inclusion Dashboard

SHG Dashboard

Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), the implementation arm of the rural development and poverty alleviation initiatives of the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GOAP), assisted in organizing 80+ lakh poor women from rural and urban areas into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and provided them with credit linkages to manage business operations for their livelihood.

To monitor various development indicators pertaining to the welfare of the SHGs, SERP had developed 40+ operational applications with technical assistance from external agencies. These operational applications had data related to bank linkage, status of formation of SHGs and other Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), human development indicators like health and nutrition status and services, social security indicators like pensions and insurance, and livelihood initiatives undertaken by the state government.

Most of these web-based applications produced MIS reports but a single web-based interface, in which all the reports/dashboards were linked and available for end-use, was unavailable. This often led to delays in decision-making.

To tackle this problem, CDFI collaborated with AP-SERP to implement the Decision Support System (DSS) and developed a single digital analytics platform that captured information from across the systems to aid monitoring of financial activities of their SHGs.

The SHG Dashboard was a single platform that captured, analysed and presented information from various systems (Bank Linkages, SHG Databases, SHG Enterprises – Sand Mining, Social security – Insurance, pensions, MS Federations, Livelihood programs, etc.) and assisted in monitoring the financial activities of the approximately eight (8) lakh active SHGs and its members (~80 lakhs) being supported by SERP.

SHG dashboard is a generic platform that can be customized for managing any State specific programs for SHGs. The platform is targeted at ensuring real-time availability of reports and dashboards, based on the available data in different application databases. It also provides predictive analytics on different parameters.