• Going Cashless - Perceptions, usage and behavior towards digital payments before & after demonetization
  • Demonetization

To reach closer to a “cashless” economy, it is important that the number of digital transactions increases across the country and amongst all segments. The unorganised retail sector is one of the main contributors to economic activity and a “cash” economy. The “Going Cashless” study gives insights into various factors shaping behaviour, perception and usage of cash and digital payments amongst consumers and Kirana retailers. This study highlights the key challenges and opportunities to create an inclusive enabling environment for digital transactions across the country.

CDFI conducted the study on the perceptions, usage and behaviour towards digital payments before and after demonetisation. The data collected pre-demonetisation was in September 2016, about six weeks prior to demonetisation as part of another study. Data collected post-demonetisation was about seven weeks after it occurred, in both the pre-demonetisation districts and well as other districts.

There were a total of 305 consumers and 88 retailers as respondents who participated in the pre-demonetisation study. The post-demonetisation study had 1,715 consumers and 535 retailers as respondents.


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