• Digital Transformation of Farmer Producer Organisations in Odisha
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Under The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project, CDFI has provided its web and mobile based platform KANCHI to Access Development Services (ADS) to collectivize 16,000 maize farmers into FPOs, digitize their operations using KANCHI and sell their produce.

CDFI has provided:
  • Mobile app to
    capture farmer
    details with QR
    code scan facility
  • Web based KANCHI
    application to
    capture and view
    farmer details and
    generate reports
  • Mobile & web based Produce Aggregation app with barcode scan feature to track maize produce from suppliers to buyers
  • Produce Aggregation module contains Purchase Entry, Sales Entry, Batch Creation, Purchase Order creation and Stock Movement Report
  • All the apps
    can capture data in
    offline mode
Current Status
  • Two FPOs formed across Raigarh & Umerkote blocks in Nabarangpur district
  • Details of 10,700+ farmers has been captured
  • The produce aggregation module of the app allows for collection of procurement information from the farmer.
  • Each bag of maize has a barcode that is scanned and stored in the database.
  • KANCHI app to capture farmer information available on Play Store
  • Purchase Entry on Produce Aggregation mobile app
  • LRPs scanning the barcode on maize bags through Produce Aggregation module