• Digitizing Farmer Producer Organizations in Uttar Pradesh
  • Demonetization

According to ‘The Role of Tech-Enabled Formal Financing in Agriculture in India’ report, over 50% of India’s small and marginal farmers are unable to borrow from any source — tech or traditional. Of the 124 Mn of small and marginal farmers, only 36 Mn borrow from formal sources. They constitute about 86.2% of the total farmers in the country.

In order to collectivize & digitize the agri-business activities of these small & marginal farmers, CDFI is working with UPPRO Kisan Producer Company Ltd. to digitize operations of 10 FPOs in Uttar Pradesh.

CDFI has provided its web & mobile based platform to these FPOs to manage their agri-business operations such as capturing land & sowing details, production details, selling inputs to farmers, produce aggregation etc.


CDFI provided extensive training to members of all the FPOs to help them capture information through its web & mobile based platform. As mobile app works in offline mode, hence it has become easier for FPO representatives to capture transactions.

So far, 10 FPOs have been digitized in Uttar Pradesh with details of 6,500 farmers records available digitally. Over 9,000 acres of land details captured of these farmers.

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