• Study of Migrant Workers from Uttar Pradesh
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CDFI conducted a research study to identify and build a detailed profile of migrant workers moving from Uttar Pradesh to different parts of country. The study period was from March to July 2020. ISRN and Rozgar Bharti through their network of ground level workers and volunteers, collected and collated a primary database of migrants belonging to 15 different districts of Uttar Pradesh. The database, primarily consisting of workers who had returned to their home location due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was then analysed by CDFI using their big data analytics tool SANKALP.

The profiling of 11,200 migrants was done through a detailed survey capturing their demographic, educational and financial information. Findings of the study can help state governments and other relevant ministries in creating livelihood opportunities for these workers in their place of domicile.

Major findings of the study showed-

(1) More than 35% of migrants were moving towards Delhi & NCR.
(2) Around 25% of total migrant population did not have any formal education.
(3) More than 50% of migrants are moving for employment in the labour sector.

The movement of migrant workers across Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
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• Apart from New Delhi, migrants employed in construction and allied activities are moving toward Jaipur due to a large no. of cement, brick and marble factories, as well as higher demand for jobs in the construction sectors

• Heavy outflow of migrant workers is observed form Agra and Hatras.

Percentage of migrants in various job categories
  • Maharashtra Village Transformation Program Map