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Millk Aggregatio
Millk Aggregatio
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Millk Aggregation Portal

CDFI’s Millk Aggregation Portal or MAP is a low cost web based platform available in both, mobile and desktop application formats, which is designed to digitize the milk collection process. MAP can be employed at milk collection centre to electronically record the quantity as well as the quality of milk poured by the farmer on a digital platform. MAP is also designed to facilitate due payments to be made digitally directly into the bank accounts of farmers.

AAVIN, a Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited in the state of Tamil Nadu is using MAP to digitize the operations of its milk collection centres and has started making payments directly into the milk sellers' bank accounts

MAP is a low-cost mobile and web-based platform to digitize milk collection process and related payments
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MAP is also integrated with CDFI’s big data analytics platform SANKALP

  • Draw insights from the captured data
  • Dashboards in SANKALP help assess the performance of milk collection centers with respect to parameters including net collection, market price of sale, quality, etc
  • Assess individual farmer performance based on the quality and frequency of milk deposits. This can help assure farmers get a fair price for their product as well as create a financial profile for them which would help them get financial assistance and loans from formal institutions
Millk Aggregation Portal Benefit


Payments made directly in dairy farmer’s bank account

Captures income generated from selling milk in order to build seller’s financial profile

Complete transparency to dairy farmers on the quantity, quality and price of milk sold

Enable dairy farmers to transform their livelihoods into sustainable business opportunities

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