• Empowering Self Help Group members through democratization of their data
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The National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) is a federated program that is run via various State Missions and a tiered network of community institutions. NRLM boasts of a large human resource pool of community members, Mahila Kisans, cadres spread across 646 districts in India.

Government has funded over 6,000 crores to SHGs in terms of Revolving Fund (RF) and Community Invest Fund (CIF). Additionally, 42 lakhs SHGs have availed bank loans of over 61,000 crores. NRLM is enabling capacity development of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) by leveraging a cadre network on book keeping, community development, Panchasutras, livelihood generation and adoption programs.

CDFI is developing an Operating System (LokOS) for SHGs and their federations to:
  • Manage SHGs and their members with adequate checks
  • Manage federations (VOs and CLFs)
  • Manage meetings and day to day transactions of SHGs & federations
  • Allow SHGs & Federations to manage their own profiles and transactions
LokOS will act as single source of up-to-date and validated data for NRLM/SRLM
  • View SHG, member and Federation profiles
  • View and approve profile changes
  • View reports and dashboards
Channel to share data with other depts., FIs and service providers
  • Ensure coverage of member households under eligible schemes
  • Provide access to affordable credit, insurance and payment services

Features of LokOS


Stakeholder wise benefits of LokOS


Successfully piloted the SHG profile & transactions module of LokOS for NRLM across four (4) blocks in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana & Meghalaya capturing details of 4,400 SHGs.

Region-wise trainings on LokOS profile & transactions data capture being conducted across the country


LokOS mobile app for Profile & Transactions data capture