• Sangrah & SANKALP: Data Collection & Data Analytics Platform
  • Digital Financial Social Programs in India
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Sangrah is CDFI’s data collection and survey building platform. Sangrah is an easy-to-use form builder which allows users to make and test their questionnaires using drag and drop functions. Sangrah has a wide variety of question styles ranging from simple text entry and MCQ to GPS coordinates and photo related questions. Sangrah also allows the user to group & loop questions and apply smart logics to make the questionnaire easy to administer for the surveyor and to fill for the respondents, through the mobile app. The software also allows you to share access of your questionnaire to others on your team to examine, edit, or just view.

Digital Financial Social Programs
Sangrah: Mobile based online and offline mode of data collection

SANKALP is a big data analytics software, designed and developed by CDFI. SANKALP’s generic capabilities have been specifically tuned for use in the government sector keeping in mind practicalities of data availability, data quality and usage models.

Capabilities of SANKALP

  • Filtering multiple databases simultaneously
  • Analyse common information between databases
  • Basic data validation and cleansing
  • Automatic loading of data at predefined intervals

Databases can be loaded into SANKALP with the help of a custom designed ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool.

What users get from SANKALP

  • Database configurations, role based access to data and data confidentiality
  • Any type of data including research, operational and survey data can be plugged into SANKALP for analysis.
  • Insightful visualizations can be created with the dashboards that lend itself for easy customization.

Few data visualizations from SANKALP

Few data visualizations from SANKALP