• CDFI’s Scheme coverage and social audit platform
  • Data Driven Governance to Drive Development in Meghalaya

Social Audit is a powerful tool that is used to enforce transparency and accountability on implemented schemes and policies. These audits help assess the performance of the schemes in villages.

Meghalaya Society for Social Audit and Transparency (MSSAT) is using CDFI’s scheme coverage and social audit platform to audit, enforce and ensure this.

The scheme coverage and social audit platform involves:
A mobile data collection tool that is used to conduct audits on
the scheme coverage & eligibility of individuals for certain
government schemes and programs.
A Data analytics platform that allows the data
from the surveyed households to be analyzed through
different charts.
Reports that can be generated from
the analytics platform and shared with
concerned authorities for appropriate action.
Questionnaire on the data
collection mobile app

The Mobile data collection tool

  • Allows beneficiaries in various schemes to be surveyed digitally by Village Resource Persons through a basic android based smartphone
  • Can capture data in an offline mode
  • Can identify issues or the performance of the scheme in a village
  • Captures the perception of the scheme from individuals who benefit from it
  • Allows reports to be auto generated on the app for the Gram Sabha and collects data from them as well
Dashboards created from the
data collected through survey

The data analytics platform

  • Is used to analyze and assess the eligibility and coverage of the surveyed villages
  • Has dashboards for various schemes that can be shared with departments & stakeholders of the schemes, giving them timely alerts
  • Gives an accurate visualization of various parameters such as a household’s income, expenses, savings, loan details and asset details.
  • Allows tracking the gap between the number of beneficiaries targeted through a scheme and the actual number that has benefitted from it


  • Reports from the data and the visualizations can be generated and sent to the appropriate authorities in order for them to take action

CDFI’s scheme coverage and social audit platform ensures data is recorded and stored accurately, making analysis easy and drastically reducing the time it would take to compile reports as it is no longer done physically.