Enabling DBT through innovative solutions is an objective that CDFI has worked towards. With this in mind, CDFI has developed an end-to-end innovation pack, a suite of products that take into account the four components required for successfully delivering a benefit program.

Several Central and State government schemes are being delivered through DBT. However, it has been observed that these either use a stand-alone system, making the entire effort an expensive and time-consuming exercise or it is just the direct payment of the benefit into the bank account that is being taken care of using technology.

For effective implementation of schemes using technology, an IT platform that integrates with external existing Government systems and brings multiple stakeholders together, and enables online approvals, monitors program delivery and tracks fund flow is the need of the hour.

Sunidhi, a cloud based platform, fulfils this need. It has been designed to deliver various Central and State government benefit programs (be it in cash or in kind) in DBT mode. An end-to-end solution, Sunidhi maintains complete track of benefit delivery and fund movement, from defining the delivery mechanism and approval processes, on-boarding benefit delivery providers, registering beneficiaries, to integrating with existing Government Systems for validating the beneficiaries and transferring funds in the accounts and tracking program milestones, benefit delivery and funds utilization.

Sunidhi Use Cases

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) is the nation's leading direct benefit program for pregnant and lactating mothers involving conditional cash transfer. This is a nationwide program under which Rs 5 ,000/- will be transferred, in three installments, in the bank accounts of pregnant and lactating mothers for fulfilling their nutritional requirements. Within twelve weeks of the launch of the scheme, more than 30 States and UTs have been on-boarded and over a million transactions have been processed using Sunidhi.

Sunidhi has also been customized for implementing Maharashtra's Village Social Transformation Foundation’s rural transformation program. The program, wherein Government and corporate funds are being brought together, covers 1,000 drought-affected villages with low Human Development Index. Currently, rural transformation projects are getting implemented and monitored using Sunidhi in 400 villages and benefitting 1 million people. A dedicated fellow is assigned to a cluster of 3-4 villages who uses Sunidhi's mobile app for creating, executing and tracking projects on the field. The Foundation's central team uses Sunidhi's web portal to approve and monitor projects getting implemented under the program. A mobile app has been developed for fellows to create, execute and track projects on the field. The Foundation’s central team uses Sunidhi’s web portal to approve and monitor projects being implemented under the program. As of now 135 fellows are using Sunidhi to create, execute and monitor projects worth Rs 160 million to modernize 400 villages.