• Project Management & Fund Tracking
  • Direct Benefit Transfer Program in India
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Sunidhi is a cloud based project management and fund tracking platform developed in collaboration with a tech start-up - Billion Lives Business Initiatives. Sunidhi has been designed to implement projects and deliver different types of government welfare programs (either in cash or in-kind in DBT mode) while maintaining complete track of benefit delivery and fund movement.

Key Features of Sunidhi

  • Helps define welfare delivery mechanisms, milestones, and the approval processdigitally
  • Incorporates benefit providers and beneficiaries on the same platform
  • Integration with Aadhaar for beneficiary authentication/ validation
  • End to end tracking of program activities and fund utilization
  • Technology enabled program roll-out with conditional cash transfers
  • Integration with Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for direct benefit transfer
  • Mobile and web based application

Projects using Sunidhi

1. Implementing Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY):

PMMVY is a maternity benefit program providing cash incentive of 5,000/- directly to the bank/post-office account of pregnant mothers anywhere in the country.

Sunidhi was customized to implement PMMVY.

Key features and benefits of Sunidhi for PMMVY

  • Seamlessly integrated with Aadhaar and PFMS
  • Facility to export data to DBT Bharat portal
  • Permits beneficiary to avail benefits over multiple pregnancies
  • Permits migration of beneficiaries anywhere in India
  • All scheme conditionality verified by software application
  • Aligned with Local Government Directory (LGD) codes
Implementing PMMVY

2. Monitoring Rebuild Kerala initiative:

Rebuild Kerala is a Kerala Government initiative to aid in the reconstruction, rehabilitation and overall recovery of the state after the devastating floods.

Sunidhi was customized to help Kerala Government track initiatives under the Rebuild Kerala initiative.

Key features and benefits of Sunidhi for Rebuilding Kerala

  • Crowdfunding
  • Integration with over 20 payment gateways
  • Transparency in project management
  • Mobile based data collection using Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Easy channelling of funds from donors to selected projects
Rebuild Kerala Dashboards
Govt. of Kerala is monitoring project progress using Rebuild Kerala Dashboards

3. Village Social Transformation in Maharashtra (VSTF):

Village modernization program of Maharashtra’s Village Social Transfomation Foundation covering 1,000 villages worst affected by drought and low human development index.

Key features and benefits of Sunidhi for VSTF

  • Mobile version of Sunidhi with project creation feature
  • Web portal to manage and monitor program implementation
Direct Benefit Transfer Program
Project Creation and Tracking at the Village Level