• CDFI's Multidimensional and Integrated COVID Tracking System
  • COVID-19

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has spread rapidly across all parts of the world. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. CDFI has developed a COVID Tracking System using an an end-to-end digital solution for early detection, possible quarantining and timely provision of required medical interventions.

The COVID Tracking System involve


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Mobile app to register & record symptoms

This allows a team of medical doctors and nurses to visit homes of mild and moderately symptomatic patients to:

  • Record and track symptoms of patients
  • Provide medical consultation and care
  • Refer the patients to a hospital if required
  • Capture health status of incoming migrants
Daily IVR phone calls to track symptoms (during isolation)
The system enables daily recording of symptoms by making automated/contact centre phone calls to COVID patients
Coronacare Management System

Web & mobile based application which connects all hospitals, Corona Care Centres testing labs

  • Allows the state to track medical facilities such as equipment, beds, nurses and doctors.
  • Allows lab reports to be validated without any contact
  • Register and allocate beds to patients and monitor their treatment and recoveries
  • Capture a patient's travel history, contacts, symptoms and comorbidities

Action dashboards and alerts

The above mentioned applications are connected to an analytics platform which:

  • Sends automated alerts to relevant officials
  • Creates live dashboards to assess the complete situation and take appropriate action

In Meghalaya, a web portal has also been integrated with the system that allows people in the State to schedule Covid tests and find out the results (sent by SMS also). The State Govt of Meghalaya has also set up a portal (www.meghealth.in) where select information is shared in a summarized form with the people.

CDFI’s COVID Tracking System is being used by Meghalaya Government to curb the spread of COVID in the state. Over 11,00,000 citizens monitored for COVID symptoms and over 12,000 patients registered through Coronacare Management system in the state.

The use of CDFI's Covid Tracking System has now decreased as Covid cases declined across the state

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