• Data Driven Governance to Drive Development in Meghalaya
  • Data Driven Governance to Drive Development in Meghalaya

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India has the largest number of births in the world with 34 births per min, 49,500 births per day and 1.5 million births per month. The infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality rate (MMR)for India are 30.924 deaths per 1,000 live births and 122 deaths per 1,00,00 births (2015-17 Sample Registration System Bulletin) implying that 1,530 children and 60 mothers don't make it duringchildbirth each day.

Many of these births are non-institutional deliveries, meaning that the children are not born in a proper medical facility under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Measurable Outcomes in Transforming Health Sector through a Holistic Approach with focus on Women Empowerment (MOTHER) program

CDFI is working with Government of Meghalaya in implementing MOTHER program across the state using its Outcome driven Governance Framework. CDFI's Outcome driven GovernanceFramework involves:

Broad stages of where parameters are being monitored and tracked
Education Rural Development

Meghalaya Govt. is now able to monitor health of expecting mothers from the time pregnancy is detected till 14 weeks vaccinations of new-borns

How the Outcome Driven Framework is helping

  • The mobile app which can work in offline mode enables ASHA workers / ANMs / Medical Officers to view pending follow-ups with regard to registered pregnant women
  • The app allows them to view critical details such as: days since last ANC, HBNC visit due for a newborn, vaccinations due, etc
  • The official concerned can view contact details of pregnant women and get in touch with them

The action dashboards are helping district and state officials in:

  • Tracking each case of pregnancy
  • Ensuring accountability of last mile workers
  • Dashboards
  • Dashboards

Dashboards generated through analytics platform helping administration