• CDFI’s Maternal and child care solution
  • Data Driven Governance to Drive Development in Meghalaya

All women need access to antenatal care in pregnancy, skilled care during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks after childbirth. All births should be assisted by skilled health professionals, as timely management and treatment can make the difference between life and death for both the mother and the baby.

The Government of India has been focusing on initiatives to improve maternal health indicators. Using simple technology solutions, CDFI has developed ‘Maternal and Child Care Solution’ to effectively track maternal & child health indicators right from the time pregnancy is detected till 14-week vaccinations of new born.

The maternal and child care solution involves:
  • A mobile app that is used to register and collect data of pregnant mothers & new-borns
  • An action dashboard that allows the collected data to be tracked, visualised and analysed by officials

A few screenshots of thea questionnaire on the app

ASHA and ANM workers register and collect data of pregnant women on the mobile app.

  • The app can capture data in an offline mode
  • Allows data to be captured digitally at source
  • Allows data to be collected through each stage of pregnancy from registration to home based new born care
  • Helps & guides ASHAs/ANMs to collect relevant data on health indicators
  • App enables ASHA workers / ANMs / Medical Officers to view pending follow-ups with regard to registered pregnant women
  • App allows them to view critical details such as: days since last ANC, HBNC visit due for a newborn, vaccinations due, etc.
  • The official concerned can view contact details of pregnant women and get in touch with them
Action Dashboards
  • (Chart depicting order of
    pregnancy of the woman)
  • Chart generated on dashboard showing
    Illness history of the woman
  • Chart generated on dashboard showing no. of upcoming deliveries by facility/institution

The action dashboards enable officials to visualize the data in spatial and graphical formats which are easy to read and understand making data analysis much easier

  • Using the dashboards, doctors & ANMs can be prompted to regularly visit and spend time with the expectant mothers
  • Different set of dashboards can be made available for different stakeholders – Medical officers, district officials & state officials
  • Officials can easily create their own action dashboards and focus points
  • Allows tracking and monitoring of pregnant women through the various stages of pregnancy

Armed with this information, the officials can focus on each individual’s requirement and send them to an institution with the appropriate care facilities.

CDFI’s maternal and childcare solution was first launched in South West Garo Hills district in Meghalaya in June 2018 where the number of institutional deliveries was at 44% (one of the lowest in the country). Through continuous use of the solution, this number rose to 76% in June 2019 and further to 88% in October 2019 above the overall national average.

Presently the solution is helping Meghalaya Government implement Meghalaya’s Measurable Outcomes in Transforming Health Sector through a Holistic Approach with focus on Women Empowerment (MOTHER) across the entire state.

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